June 21, 2009

What am I up to?

I would be lying if I said raiding.  I’d be lying if I said I was even interested in logging in on Ribeiro as of the last week.  Me and a friends started new accounts and have been doing Recruit-a-Friend for the triple XP. 

Right now we have a 40 Orc Warlock (Fearnath) and a 40 Troll Hunter playing together then the other day we started Alliance toons which hit 20 last night – a 20 Dwarf Paladin (Seeley) and his 20 Human Mage.

I’m really enjoying myself – not because the content is great, I guess leveling in itself still has an appeal – the progression and clear sign of production isn’t so vague as it is with gearing yourself and so forth.  You light up and gain a level, there’s no question of stats or colored names or whether or not you have a high enough bonus heals to do the new content.  It’s clear cut and that is a relief all on it’s own.

The plan is that we will take a mini-vacation from horde when 3.2 launches and do some Alliance with some guildies.  Seeing as I don’t want to play Shaman again even for the final 10 levels (Alliance Ribeiro is 70), the idea was to get some Alliance ready to level from 60 to 80.  Since I miss my Paladin that was stolen all those years ago – the natural choice was to do a original 8 Paladin.  Human or Dwarf?  Dwarf of course!

Now I can tell people to “Walk into my face”.