Ribeiro Knows Best: Ten Small Changes

June 13, 2009

In my second installment of RKB I’m going to discuss a few changes that are small but that could have a big impact on various portions of the game – or the game as a whole.

So without further delay…

1. Remove “Daze”

  • The ability for almost every mob to slow you down if you are moving away from them has plagued myself and many others since the game was launched.  It’s a painful situation to just want to get from one place to another and you get dismounted or simple slowed to a hault and have to take part in combat you wanted no part of to begin with.  Or you get yourself in over your head, your health is plummeting and you want to get away – no way.  Not unless you’re a pally with a bubble or a rogue with some sprint can you escape the doom that is the Daze ability.  Get rid of it, I assure you – leveling will be that much less painful to take part in.

2. Delete Rogues

  • Sorry my Rogue friends.  Your class is more trouble than it’s worth.  Stun locks are still ridiculous and frankly my guild Rogues argue over dagger drops for 10 minutes everytime we finish Naxx.   Besides, we have DK’s now and I haven’t seen anyone use crowd control in an instance since the launch of WOTLK.

3.  Remove every Battleground except for WSG

  • AV is too long with not enough payback for not only the queue time but the time it takes to complete.  AB isn’t too annoying but it’s not fun either.  Eye of the Storm has potential if you make the objectives closer and make it a 10v10 and SOTA is just silly.

4. Stuns?

  • Why does EVERY class have the ability to stun or root or silence?  It makes PVP really annoying.  See Warhammer for viable setups as far as PVP crowd control goes.  You don’t need a lot of stuns to make crowd control viable in PVP.  Crowd control shouldn’t be the means to yoru enemies end, it should be your way of extending your life when you are in need – and not all classes NEED that.

5. Delete levels 1-60.

  • Lets face it, Blizzard stoped paying attention to the 1-60 content once the Burning Crusade was about 50 percent finished.  Very few changes and no additions.  And yet most of your leveling time is still spent in this mundane portion of the game.  Idealy you would see a developer speed up the XP gain here – which we have.  But not nearly enough, it’s at the point now that I refuse to level a character unless I am getting the triple XP from Recruit-A-Friend.   Why should we have to suffer through part of the game that even the developers want no part of anymore.

6.  Stop making classes less or more powerful than they are.

  • There are a lot of ways to “balance” classes in an MMORPG.  Most developers go the “easy” route of making a classes spells less or more powerful according to what they think it needs to be level with the other classes.  This way is easier but it is far less effective, which is why after over five years of popularity and life Blizzard are still changing their classes in this way to try to balance them.  The real way you balance a class is to analyze the class and figure out what you want from that class in all situations.  Whether it’s raiding, solo or PVP.  Identify the roll of that class and expand on that.  This MAY include reducing the damage or improving the damage of a spell here or there, but that shouldn’t be what you base your changes on as a whole.  The more you focus on the identity of a class the faster your classes will be balanced and the less I will have to worry about what class is going to be able to waste my Shaman in battlegrounds next week and when I’ll be able to kill a Disc Priest in less than 6 hours (*Days).  There are a lot of DPS classes but it isn’t that hard to make each class accomplish the causing of damage in different ways, for instance.

7.  Expand races.

  • It doesn’t have to be much – you don’t have to design a new race (while I still am disappointed that BE’s and Draenei don’t really count as new at all considering how lazily they were put together).  Y0u could do something as simple as opening up a class option for a certain race that it didn’t have before.  Who wouldn’t want a Gnome Paladin or an Undead Hunter?

8.  Expand on the recustomization features recently added.

  • I was impressed with the addition of this feature.  For a fee I could change my characters appearance, name and even their gender.  But in other games, namely EQ2 – I could do even more (and less, admittedly).  Why can’t I change factions?  It’s no longer an issue of faction specific classes such as what Paladin or Shaman used to be prior to TBC.  Why can’t I change races?  If they can program duel-speccing they can program the swapping of races, I assure you.  I love my troll but I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish it was  Tauren.

9.  Shaman forms.

  • Sorry to be bias but you are on a Rest-Shaman blog.  Why are we only allowed to change into a Ghost Wolf while Druids can not only change into a travel form, but a stealth dps form, a tank form, healing tree form AND a flight form.  I don’t think Shamans should be a tank or even be able to stealth (though it makes sense that a Ghost Wolf might be able to go invisible) but it would be nice if we could stay in Ghost Wolf form to do combat – but even more so if we could have a Ghost Hawk or something of that sort that we can fly as.

10.  In-game Quest Helper

  • I know, I know – most of these “little changes” probably take a lot of time to impliment.  But, the game is almost unplayable without some sort of Quest Helper mod that shows you where to go on your map for quests, at least impossible once you have played WITH it compared to without.  They have been adding add-on features into the normal game for a while now, why not add the most popular features?  We don’t even have an in-game DPS meter yet.

I won’t lie – I was scraping the bottom of the barrel when I got half-way through, but here it is.  Some “small” changes to make big differences.  Maybe next time I’ll do “big” changes to make “big differences”.