June 26, 2010

So there you are.  Prancing about as a invisible wolf thing, looking for your next victim.  There he is… yeah, that unexpecting Shadow Priest guarding the Lumbermill ‘ought to fly reel gud.

Stop. Right. There.

Yeah, you.  Get out of Ghost Wolf and stop looking for people whom you can fling off ledges with Thunderstorm.  You’re better than that.  Not only does everyone hate Shamans that much more when you do it, but you aren’t helping anyone.  Remember the part where you had to get close and then got promptly shanked after a brief chuckle?

“But, Ribeiro the best Shaman ever” you ask, “If not Thunderstorming people off of ledges, then what?!”

Let me tell you children, let me tell you…

The Shaman class in general has long been one of the weakest in terms of Battleground-based PVP.  With little to no crowd control, we Shamans used to simply hope nobody followed the bolt of chain lightning back to our position.  Times have changed.  With Hex and Thunderstorm in our arsenal we can keep the enemy at bay long enough to do some damage.  Don’t underestimate just how powerful turning someone into a frog can be; not to mention how annoyed it must make them.  They can’t attack you if they broke their peripherals out of frog-induced rage, after all.

The totems also provide a Shaman with quick group-wide buffs as well as various other means to annoy the enemy with.  Grounding totem can really annoy a casting-time heavy caster such as a mage and the Earthbind Totem is a legendary friend to casters everywhere.  Defending a flag?  Don’t be affraid to drop your Fire Elemental Totem when things start getting real.