Ribeiro Fixes Azeroth: The Mount Slot

So, I’m back for the time being and as a revival of my legendary blogging experience I’m coming back with a new blog-featurette called “Ribeiro Fixes Azeroth”.  This series will look at the game in general and delve into how I would recommend Blizzard fix things or add additional features (or remove bad ones).

The first of of this series will revolve around the additions.  I’ve just jumped into the waters of the 3.3 patch and noted that its primarily just a addon update.  I say that meaning that it primarily just adds little features on top of the game’s current build and on the “pun” side of the phrase it impliments things on the official user interface that popular addon’s have provided players for years (e.g. Quest tracking a-la Quest Helper/Carbonite).

This isn’t a bad thing nor was that a put down.  In fact I think it shows that Blizzard may not know how to do certain things with it’s game, but it certainly is in tune with the community and what’s going on, on certain levels.

Over the years the most we’ve seen added as far as equipment goes are new equipment pieces under the same basic hierarchies.  My recent idea was to add a brand new equipment slot that I am referring to the Mount Slot – though due to connotations this may be subject to official change.

In this slot you of course can equip various items into that will effect the way your mounts perform.  The beauty of the idea comes from the various ways you could make them alter your mounts.

Here are some I’ve come up with:

  • Incremental increase of speed that’s stackable with things like Crusader Aura.
  • Harder to dismount rider when being attacked.
  • Decrease cast time of mount (perhaps making it instant).
  • Gives mount an AOE stun ability for easy get aways.
  • Saddle bag that gives the player an additional bag slot.

I’m sure there are tons more you could do with this, including tiers of upgraded versions of certain ones such as speed increases and so forth.

And that concludes the first installment of Ribeiro Fixes Azeroth.


2 Responses to Ribeiro Fixes Azeroth: The Mount Slot

  1. Grux says:

    Hey, those were some good ideas. One tiny thing though, I think you mean, ‘That CONCLUDES the first installment…’

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